Course Description

Begin your journey to a Holistic 360 Approach to Life by understanding the Archetypal Power Plays that can hold us back from being the Superstars that we truly are! 

The 4 Keys that Unlock these Power Plays are simple, universal and have been around since the beginning of time. But few people share and talk about them – but we do.

This program is easy, flexible, online and fun. You will be able to:

  • Learn the 4 Keys to Power – and how Power Plays can hold us back, and keep us stuck.
  • Identify and shift the #1 inner Power Play that has blocked you from being unable to reach the success and impact you know you can have.
  • Stay centered, have peace and be energized while Power Plays run wild around you.

A 360 Holistic Approach to life starts with YOU. In this Society we will go into the 12 Areas of Life and apply the 4 Keys and the 4 Pillars to align you with unlimited possibilities!

Each month you will begin to work on your Life Vision Plan through the interactive lessons and programs.

Join our very own family, our tribe - only love here with tons of support & encouragement to help you POWERUP and EVOLVE!!

What you'll get:

  • Monthly Themes: Each Month we will dive deep with our Power Players  into one of the important 12 Areas of Life.
  • Monthly Live Guests with recorded access to listen later
  • Meditations, activation, talk, tips on Love and Money
  • Mini-Courses
  • Special Content and PDF's
  • Access to our Expanding Library of Content at Member Pricing
  • Bi-Monthly Masterminds with Cheli and Shell
  • Community and Tribe of like-minded peeps

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PowerUP Membership Society

Cheli Shell

Soul sisters, Cheli Grace and Shelley Devine, having over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, have now come together to bring the best of both; Leadership, Communication, Health and Wellness! Both are compelled to help others, especially women, balance (and often times juggle) the challenges that are thrown at us while we endeavor to evolve into ourselves as we create professions, run companies, and businesses with kids, husbands, significant others, friends and family. They are thrilled to teach you the underlying archetypal power forces that are the foundation of what drives us as human beings universally! Their classes promise to assist you in taking a 360 degree life view, to then, embrace a quality of life that is filled with peace, prosperity, love and joy while evolving from within!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The PowerUp Movement!

    • A message from Cheli & Shell

    • PowerUP Onboarding

    • 360 Life Vision Book

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • The First Step

  • 3

    February Love & Relationships

    • February is the Month of Love!

    • Think about your Life as a Child....

    • Reflection - Your Life as a Child....Record What You Experienced

    • L.O.V.E. Ourselves

    • L.O.V.E Ourselves Audio Visualization

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