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This individual one-on-one coaching session provides a foundation to better implement a positive family-life balance.

In this session we will discuss your unique situation and how you can begin to implement strategies to see the fastest results possible for your success.

This coaching sessions is for you to focus on a specific goal intended to assist you in a specific area of concern.

Additional individualized support can also be provided if needed through our other long term coaching programs.

Cheli Cerra
Cheli Cerra
Senior Instructor

Cheli Grace is a high-achieving professional speaker, published author, leader, manager and communicator having received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to education, and her dedication in providing information throughout various platforms for others to become empowered.

Having well over 20 years of experience in leadership, management, and communication, she was one of the top principals in the Miami-Dade County Public School System, the fourth largest in the nation. Her operational budget was over $10 million dollars a year, while she provided leadership, and management to 150+ fulltime and part-time employees within a 60,000 square foot facility on two locations. She has been a trusted mentor and coach to numerous colleagues and employees helping them grow within the profession and was instrumental in partaking of several key advisory groups addressing dire business challenges of attracting and retaining top talent, succession management, and culture. 

Her “high profile” career has afforded her the knowledge of understanding and navigating “behind the scenes” politics as she continuously dealt directly with City Mayors,  Senators, Legislators, City Commissioners, and School Board Members as part of her high profile career.

A lifelong learner and voracious researcher, Cheli was attracted by the work of Carolyn Myss and enrolled in her CMED 2-year intensive program in which she worked closely with Carolyn  and attained her certification as an Archetypal Consultant. She embodied this work into her daily leadership and communication style giving her an edge on creating a successful business and a balanced life.

An educator at heart, and passionate about helping others, she created her company Eduville, Inc., to address the school choice movement and options for parents. She appeared on numerous radio shows, magazines and podcasts all the while running the day-to-day operations of the school, being a mom to 2 school aged children, coaching and writing.  Her coaching and consulting led her to write a book on communication which led to the creation of the 6-book SchoolTalk Success Series which she initiated, created, and brokered the 6-figure deal with Wiley. Because of the magnitude of the project she took on a co-author she continued speaking actively to groups and organizations which landed her a spot as an education expert on Fox News.

She attended the Executive Leadership Program at FIU School of Business which is ranked #1 in the US by for Executive Leadership Development.  She was selected to attend a Leadership Training Program at Harvard University ,“Leadership an Evolving Vision”. She has an undergraduate degree from Barry University in Education, a Master’s Degree from Nova Southeastern University in Computer Science and an advanced degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in which she was accepted and began to pursue her doctorate but left to open her company and write her books. In 2015, she attended the yearlong Executive Professional Coaching Program at the University of Miami. 

Currently, she is the CEO & Founder of PowerUP! Performance a company that provides guidance and expertise through her Grace Performance System of  coaching and consulting helping business owners and organizations increase productivity, streamline operations, and focus on long term results. Helping individuals and businesses embrace the new normal with increased to sustainability, trust and transparency as we embrace a new world.

Cheli loves to spend time with her husband cooking, watching Netflix Series, playing golf, walking on the beach, traveling and hanging out with their growing blended family of 4 kids and soon to be 6 grandkids.

Named the “The Right Choice in Education” by Women’s Day Magazine, Cheli Cerra provides education coaching and advice via,, and her social media channels. Cheli also provides coaching for busy mom entrepreneurs who want a peaceful and happy household. Cheli knows first-hand how overwhelming life can be as a busy entrepreneur. She launched her business, wrote 6 books and worked full-time while also being a wife and mom.

During her career, Cheli has received the honor of being:

  • Named AXA Business Woman of the Year.
  • Selected to be part of the FIU Leadership Development Institute.
  • Invited to study at Harvard for a Summer Institute in Education and Leadership.
  • Named “The Right Choice in Education” by Women’s Day Magazine.
  • Named “Principal of the Year” for the 4 th largest school district in the nation.
  • Designated as an “Autonomous Principal” for exceptionally high performance.
  • Co-authored a 6 book series on Education published by Wiley.
  • Spokesperson and Education Expert on Fox News Channel.
  • Board Member of the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida.
  • Mom Advisory Board Member for Lean Forward Media, LLC.
  • Educational Leader, Coach and Mentor to thousands of children and their parents.

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